What We Are Doing


Now through July 25th at noon order at least $10.00 of stuff from the website - bymyhanddesigns.com will get you there- and get 10% off and I will tag it with your name and bring it to Pennsic for you to pick up at our shop on Battle Road #143.

We will hold your item until the end of war. If you haven't picked it up at that time it goes home with us and we will ransom it to you for the price of shipping. You still get 10% off the regular price though....

Just use the website to order and enter promo code BRING IT TO ME!

The pre-orders for hilts with Fishtail pommels are not in this because I wouldn't be able to deliver them at Pennsic.

Circlets and Pins are not included - but Soapstone is.

No worry about us selling out before you can get to Pennsic, set up, and shop the merchants.

You save on items you were going to buy anyway.


CONS - I can't think of any!

Have a Great War!

With Pennsic looming we will stop taking sales that need to be shipped as of 7-18-18. We will resume when we get back from Pennsic about the 15th of August.

If you are going to Pennsic and need something from us consider our Pre-Pennsic Delivery Sale going on now.

(Just so everyone understands -The e-commerce cart architecture doesn't allow for suspending shipping charges with a promotion. I had to manually switch items in the Pre-Pennsic Delivery Sale to 'Free Shipping' to avoid the hassle of customers being charged for shipping they weren't getting. Likewise shipping wouldn't be charged for someone that isn't going to pick up at Pennsic and needs the item shipped. I opted to suspend shipped sales but allow for sales that would be delivered at Pennsic. So please don't order an item you need shipped until after the 15th of August - it will be late and I will have to charge the shipping in a separate bill.)