Pre-orders - I am putting several hilts up for pre-order sales. Sales of the hilts have been good enough that we are often out of a particular combination of cross guard and pommel or length of grip. We would like to give you the opportunity to place orders for the hilts you want before we order more parts from our suppliers. This helps you get what you want anid it helps us restock smarter by showing us what is popular and what is not.

I rely on placing orders for a large number of pieces with various shops to lower the costs and then bringing them together for assembly by other shops. There really is no way to do small runs or one-offs outside of a run.

Each pre-order item will have a number of sales that will need to be made to cover costs of a run. I will keep a running tally with each item for how many of those are left to be sold before I will order parts.

The end date for this sale will be the 30th of November. If items hit their marks before that I can start ordering parts and making those items. If any fall short of the minimum I will not be making them immediately but I may be able to later on.

What happens to your order if if it is not going to make the cut? The money from orders for each type of hilt will be escrowed until there is enough to order parts. If that can't happen for a certain item then you will be offered the choice of a refund or you may make an election to switch to an item that is being made.

As a further incentive and a "thank-you" to those patrons that want to see these items in production quickly there is a $10.00 discount for the first ten buyers of each hilt/pommel combo until the November 30th cut off. 

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